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Hi, I'm Strateture, I do first impressions and reviews of indie and AAA games!




What I offer

All games are unique and need different kinds of exposure. One game might do good in video format whilst another does better in written format. Whatever your game needs I can provide the best platform for it.

What I cover

I cover games that has a strategy or adventure element to it. This covers a wide range of games which allows me to experiment and also play hybrid games that don't fit into a single genre.

Platforms of choice

If your game is available on Steam that's the best option as you can send it via Curator Connect. If you prefer GOG or EPIC over Steam, I can accept a review key for those platforms as well.

Rules of engagement

I don't review demos or games that are broken. The same is true if I feel I'm not part of the target audience. If that's the case and your game is playable, I may ask a industry colleague to pick it up.

I work with

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